Available JOC Unit Price Book UPB

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JOC Unit Price Book UPB

The 4BT JOC Unit Price Book UPB provides you with confidence!

  • 4BT Unit Price Books, UPB, that are developed and maintained to meet your specific requirements and your location(s)
  • Locally researched cost data  – NO LOCATION FACTORS
  • Developed by experienced cost engineers
  • Organized and licensed by Construction Specifications Institute, CSI MasterFormat
  • Access via 4BT-CE Building in Cloud software… anywhere, anytime
  • Descriptions in plain English
  • Full material, equipment, and labor details
  • Prevailing, current, accurate, and localized Davis-Bacon wage rates
  • Independent, objective, and best value data source
  • Guaranteed cost throughout the Job Order Contract term
  • Line item modifiers
  • Supported by current collaborative cloud technology

The Unit Price Includes:
  • Labor, Equipment, Material Costs, Etc.
  • Complete and In-place Construction
  • Normal Commercial Construction Conditions
  • Installed Cost Line Items
  •  Demolition Costs Line Items
  • Unit Costs Line Item Modifiers  That Increase or Decrease Line Item Costs  (as appropriate)
  • Descriptions Using Standard Industry Terms in Plain English
  • CSI MasterFormat Data Organization – 49 Divisions

4BT OpenJOC Unit Price Book  JOC Unit Price Book UPB

The 4BT OpenJOC UPB has its roots dating back to the fist JOC order contracts and JOC UPBs deployed in the United States.   In 1996, one of our cost engineers, Ben Stack, worked to support the USACE JOC UPB as well as other cost data.    In 1998, a new national UPB was developed that included past information and supported future needs.
Members of our staff have built over one hundred (100) unit price books.
The 4BT UPB is continuously updated and currently includes up to 50,000+ detailed unit price line items.   Davis-Bacon labor rates are used for the standard 4BT UPB, however, OPEN SHOP labor rates can also be made available to clients.

Note: Regional and local cost factors are not used.  Cost factors can easily cause gross errors and therefore are no longer a recommend best management practice for Job Order Contracting.

4BT OpenJOC Unit Price Book Features

  • Approximately 50,000 Common Repair, Renovation, Maintenance, and Construction Tasks.
  • Developed by former RSMeans Company, LLC and US Cost, LCC cost engineers
  • Most Up-to-Date and Comprehensive Davis-Bacon Labor Rates
  • Clear Descriptions in plain English
  • Fully supported by Virtual, On-site, and Regional Training Programs
  • By JOC professionals, for JOC professionals

joc unit price book


JOC Unit Price Book UPB


JOC Unit Price Book UPB