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Build Strong Teams!

JOC Education Training Certification… are critical to the success of any Job Order Contract.

Building the best possible team with the highest level of capability and competency possible is what Job Order Contracting is all about.  4BT’s full suite of education, training, and certification offerings can help bring confidence, comfort, and elevated performance to all Job Order Contract participants. We also have access to training service available through our extensive network of business partners and associations.

Job Order Contracting Best Management Practice Series

Workshop 1: Introduction to Job Order Contacting

  • Module 1:  Key Characteristics of Collaborative Construction Delivery
  • Module 2:  Owners & Contractor – Requirements & Benefits
  • Module 3: Basic JOC Workflow
  • Module 4: JOC Deployment, Monitoring, & Management

Workshop 2: Designing a Job Order Contract

  • Module 1:  Strategy, Goals & Objectives
  • Module 2: Owner – Roles and Responsibilities
  • Module 3: Contractor – Profile, Roles, and Responsibilities
  • Module 4: Technology, Cost Data, Specifications
  • Module 5: Workflow
  • Module 6: Documentation

Workshop 3: Job Order Contract Execution & Management

  • Module 1: Leadership and Supervisory Roles
  • Module 2: Procedures & Documentation
  • Module 3: Key Performance Indicators
  • Module 4: Marketing

Learning Outcomes:

  • Benefits, challenges, and capabilities of Job Order Contracting
  • Describe the responsibilities of:  JOC Program Manager, Procurement, Contractor, Technical Personnel…
  • Required competencies of JOC participants:  Technical and business/social skills skills
  • Key process steps involve in a typical JOC task order workflow/life-cycle with examples
  • Potential pitfalls
  • How to improve owner/contractor negotiations
  • The role and importance of a locally researched unit price book (UPB)
  • Types and frequency of mandated training
  • Technology: role and requirements
  • Compliance issues


JOC Education, Training, Certification

Learn………… 4BT subject-matter experts provide year round professional development to help you and your team.
Connect……… Regional, On-site, and Virtual meetings build enable idea sharing and build both trust and confident.
Solve…………. 4BT can help to guide you through Job Order Contracting best practices and latest trends.
Lead………….. Developing skills and confidence enhances leadership towards achieving better overall outcomes.

JOC Education Training Certification

Our staff has served as a board members for the Center for Job Order Contract Excellence and also worked with the Alliance for Construction Excellence, ACE, to develop and/or deliver JOC training programs.  Our lead trainer has been working in with JOC Owners and Cooperatives since 2003 and provides training to cooperative members and awarded contractors.  Training includes modules about procurement rules and current legislation regarding JOC, and all other aspects of JOC set-up and implementation.

JOC Education, Training, Certification

JOC program implementation and providing JOC construction services  requires awareness across several technical disciplines and  a broad range of capabilities: Estimating, Contract Management, Contractor Management, Project Management, Technical Evaluations, Reporting, Technology,  and JOC Unit Price Book Cost Data.
4BT Education, Training, and Certification help to provide valuable insight in the following areas:
  1. Collaborative, LEAN business practices associated with Job Order Contracting
  2. Metrics including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  3. How to foster continuous improvement
  4. Financial transparency
  5. Common terms, definitions, and standard data architectures
  6. Methods to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships
  7. Gaining a life-cycle / total-cost-of-ownership perspective versus first-cost mentality
  8. Best value procurement strategies
  9. Enabling technology
  10. Focusing upon Outcomes


JOC Education, Training, Certification Formats –  VIRTUAL/ON-LINE, REGIONAL, ON-SITE

Training is available in multiple formats: Virtual/Online Instructor-based, Regional, and Onsite. Based upon the training course module, participants will…
  1. Obtain a basic understanding of Job Order Contracting – philosophy, goals, processes, & supporting technology.
  2. Gain a Introduction to JOC line item estimating
  3. Improve JOC line estimating skills
  4. Receive a certificate for various levels of JOC training completion
JOC Education Training Certification includes… Overall participants learn how to collaborate, and how to build a better estimate, as well as how to bid, procure, and execute more projects on-time and on-budget.  The overall focus is leveraging established practices to enable team communications and to support continuous improvement.   Course integrated the best possible training, based upon experience, and may use technology for training and process deployment.  All training classes feature highly qualified instructors.  CEU credits can be made available. All classes assume attendees have required computer equipment and software, and a suitable classroom environment is provided for on-site/regional training.
Virtual / Online Instructor-based Training
Introduction to Job Order Contracting
Online class provides an overview of all aspects of Job Order Contracting. One Day, approximately 6 hours based upon tailored course content.
Introduction to Cost Estimating
Online class provides the history and basics of construction cost estimating.
Project Management and Cost Estimating Quick Start – VIRTUAL
Online Getting Started class is six (6) hours and designed to get user up and going with cost estimating and project management software.
  • Project Management Basics
  • Estimate Highlights
  • Line Item Highlights
Introductory to Advanced Training 
Choose 1, 2 or 3 days of virtual training.
Each day is six (6) hours and designed to improve estimating skills with respect to process and technology.   Basics are provided the first 2 days and advanced training one the 3rd day.
  • From Basics to Advanced Project and Estimate Tools
  • Estimate Reporting
  • Estimate Re-use/Revision/Updating
  • Managing Co-efficients, Location Factors, etc.
Regional Training
Introductory and  Advanced Training 
Two day regional sessions delivered in a traditional classroom format.   Training is hands-on with a focus upon class and individual exercises.  Demonstration versions of technology are provided to attendees. Laptops are REQUIRED and the responsibility of Attendees unless other arrangements are made.

JOC Education Training Certification

Additional and/or Customized Training Classes can also be made available.  SAMPLE LISTING….

Job Order Contract Program Acquisition

JOC Acquisition Phase                         Months

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Needs Analysis
Solicitation Development
Source Selection Plan
Contract Award
Award Activities

JOC Education Training Certification


Web-based and on-site training and education ranging from Introductory through Advanced.

Introduction to Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting Best Management Practices

How to Create a JOC Estimate – Into & Advanced

Detail for Example Purpose

. Individual Job Order Request / Request for Proposal

– Site visit planning/content/documentation

– Owner Furnished Material a Furnished Equipment

– Appropriate level of detail

– Price versus non-prepriced items

– Owner/contractor communications/documentation

– Negotiated

– Inspection reporting

– Deficiencies/corrective actions

– Signoff

– Payment

Job Order Contract Execution / Operations Manual Development

Marketing a JOC Program

How to Create a JOC RFI/RFP

How to Evaluate JOC Contractors

Auditing a JOC Program

Management by Outcomes

Best Value Procurement

Owner/Contractor Negotiations

How to Create an Owner / Independent Government Estimate

Problem-solving principles and Tools

Introduction to LEAN Construction Delivery

Additional DPW Job Order Contracting Courses

JOC Education Training Certification



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