JOC Key Performance Indicators – KPIs

The use of key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your JOB ORDER CONTRACTING PROGRAM is import to overall success.  Proper planning, assuring capability and ongoing training of project participants,  and using appropriate reporting/monitoring procedures contribute to meeting established objectives in all core areas.

Job order contract key performance indicators provide a level of oversight and can be used for multiple comparison purposes.

Independent surveys and/or JOC program audits using both quantitative and qualitative measurements are equally important to enabling continuous improvement.
joc key performance indicators

  • Delivery order processing time (From request to notice to proceed – NTP)
  • Estimate creation time ( Timeliness of contractor in providing estimate)
  • Owners vs. Contractor Estimate Variance (%/#) – Also may be called Independent Government Estimate – IGE)
  • Granularity of estimates, or estimates alignment with scope of work (%/$/#)
  • Number of negotiation cycles required
  • Average project timelines
  • Project completed on-time (%/#)
  • Projects completed on-budget  (%/#)
  • Projects complete vs. backlog (%/#/$)
  • Building user satisfaction (%)
  • Contractor engagement, relations, satisfaction (%)
  • Change orders (%/#/value)