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  • Optimal Use of Funds for Renovation, Repair, and Minor New Construction
  • Full Financial Transparency
  • Platform and Process Supporting Collaboration
  • Assures Compliance with JOC Requirements
  • Use of Industry Standards
  • Best Value

joc software

The 4BT-CE JOC Software system is a fully compliant cloud-based Job Order Contract Management Information System. Designed and developed from the ground up specifically for JOC, 4BT-CE enables users of all capabilities to easily and rapidly access and use current, accurate, and detailed information.  4BT-CE JOC Software supports collaboration and transparent access for all participants. The required workflows and management practices for a fully compliant JOC Program are embedded within, and supported by, the system.
Computer Hardware/Software Requirements – System only requires computer hardware and software capable of supporting work within a browser environment and access to the internet. All major browser interfaces are supported, including Google Chrome, Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Job Order Contracting JOC Software

joc software

Technology should support your organization and, more specifically, help to assure that proven processes are deployed consistently, made more efficient, and properly monitored.

In many ways, JOC Software technology should be “hidden”, simply a tool to enable collaboration, transparency, improved productivity, and continuous improvement.

  • Rapidly Search, Access, Select Unit Price Book Line Items
  • Build Estimates
  • Collaborate Internally and Externally
  • Report in PDF or Excel
  • Contract, Project/Job Order, Estimate, & Document Management
  • Track Priced/Pre-priced and Nonpre-priced (NPP) Line Items

And More!

Basic Module – Below are ALL Included  
4BT-CE-User Administration User Assignments/Privileges
4BT-CE-Dashboard Calendar, Open/Closed Issues, Assignments
4BT-CE-Login/Authentication Secure Login
4BT-CE-Estimating Cost Estimating
4BT-CE-Reporting Reporting & Export to Excel/PDF
4BT-CE-Estimating/Estimate Management Manage Estimating
4BT-CE-Estimating-Browse Price List Price List – Read Only
4BT-CE-User Profile User Information-Name, Title, Photo, Contact Info, Language, Time Zone, Units of Measure, Date/Time Formats, Currency Time/format, Privacy, Security
4BT-CE-Systems Alert System Notifications
4BT-CE-Message Center Internal Messaging / System Email
4BT-CE-Settings Organization Level – General Information,  Subscriptions, Roles and Permissions
4BT-CE-Subscription User Level Subscription Information
Buildings Building Information
Team Team Information
Documents Document Management
Tasks Task Creation and Management
Issues Issue Creation/Management
Spaces Space Information/Management
Options – Below are Optional  
BIM BIM model viewing
Custom Reports Client defined Reports
Custom Documents Client requested/defined Documents
  • Simplifies task management for projects and allows the project manager to administer all activities in real time.
  • Speeds up the coordination of construction information and prevents errors and revisions
  • Saves time and money by reducing errors and misunderstandings during the Facility Management process
  • Increases document management productivity and improves project sharing and collaboration between customers, team members and associates
  • Provides subcontractors and your team with access to a building’s data.
  • Centralizes management of real estate data in a single shared environment
  • Documentation always updated to the latest revision and available anywhere and anytime
  • Real time access to drawings using the integrated DWG Viewer and to BIM (Building Information Modelling) data. Available for Professional level users. (RVT and IFC file formats)
  • Access your property documentation and make it available to your employees whenever and wherever they may be
  • Real time access to drawings using the integrated DWG Viewer and to BIM (Building Information Modelling) data. Available for Professional level users. (RVT and IFC file formats)
  • Keep track and record all construction activities ensuring the team uses only updated information and current data
  • Real time access to drawings using the integrated DWG Viewer and to BIM (Building Information Modelling) data. Available for Professional level users. (RVT and IFC file formats)
  • Tracks and stores any alteration to a project
  • Checks the performance and schedule of construction site activities, providing reports, errors and signalling real-time issues
  • Review, check and store building maintenance costs
  • All project information always available to allow you to make the right decisions
  • Real-time ‘as built’ details delivered at no additional cost
  • Gives facility managers real-time information regarding property management costs

Cloud-based Service Level Agreement – SLA

FINALLY…  An Independent, Objective & Best Value JOB ORDER CONTRACTING RESOURCE that meets YOUR needs!


Job Order Contracts should be structured to support ALL participants and stakeholders… real property owners, facility managers, contractors, building users, and oversight groups.

This means that a JOC should integrate best practices to deploy more projects on-time, on-budget, and to everyone’s satisfaction, at the best possible value.

Owners receive quality on-demand services at a fair price.

Constrictor’s engage in long terms relationships and earn a reasonable profits.

Building users receive quality and timely responses to their needs.

You now have a JOC resource to help you do just that.

4BT-CE, Cloud-based Job Order Contracting
Project, Estimate, & Document Management


4BT-CE Building in the Cloud allows you and your JOC team to work from anywhere and any time.

Each time you log-in you just resume working exactly where you left off.

Everything you need is at your fingertips, just click, drag & drop, set quantities, and you can build a unit price JOC estimate!

4BT-CE, combined with training, support, and services based upon industry best-practices from our experienced team, makes JOC easier and better for everyone.

LEAN Job Order Contract Process

JOC Software

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JOC Software