Job Order Contact Cooperative Agreements

Job Order Contract Cooperative Agreements 

 Job order contract coop agreementJob Order Contract Cooperative Contract


What are Job Order Contract Cooperative Agreements?   A simple method for public agencies to procure Job Order Contracting Services
Who can use it? Public schools, charter schools, private schools, community colleges, universities, cities, counties, other governmental agencies, and non-profit entities.
Four BT, LLC services are specifically provided to enable ESC19 Allied States Cooperative, it Member Agencies, and its Awarded Contractors Owners to deliver a significantly higher percentage of construction projects on-time and on-budget, by providing education, training, audit, and support for JOC programs.  Four BT also provides structured, reliable, & timely cost data for JOC unit price books, and supporting technology to enable consistent and low cost deployment.
ESC19 has a variety JOC contracts that Four BT, LLC supports with education, training, and oversight.   We provide contractor estimate/proposal reviews against Member Agency proposed scopes of work (SOWs) and the Job Order Contract requirements to assure compliance. We also provide a wide range of additional training and consulting services.  Our goal is to provide transparency and contract compliance for all ESC19 Allied States Job Order Contracts, as a 3rd party independent knowledge and review resource for JOC Facility Solutions.


Available Services via # 16-7200 Consulting, Contracting, Staff Development & Related (Supplemental)

job order contracting services

JOC / Job Order Contract Estimating – JOC Estimating fees are based on a national hourly rate for professional services provided.  JOC estimating pricing schedule may include a Standard Hourly Rate and an Overtime Hourly Rate that would be multiplied by the individual State coefficient. 
Informal Audits – An informal JOC estimate audit, also known as an Informal Compliance Review, are used for high level estimate audits that include a line item review that meets the ESC19 JOC contract specifications and includes a compliance review report. This fee is based upon a set price per review regardless of the job order price.
Formal Audits, Independent Government Estimate (IGE) – A Formal JOC Estimate Audit JOC is an in-depth estimate review that includes an independent project quantity takeoff, a technical evaluation of the JOC contractors estimate and an estimate comparison of the JOC contractors estimate and the technical evaluation that is submitted in a report showing our findings along with the backup review documents. The formal estimate audit fees are based on the cost of construction (The Job Order Price).
Web Based Training – One Day, approximately 3-6 hours based upon course and course content.
On-site Training – One Day, approximately 3-6 hours based upon course and course content.
Specialized Marketing Support/Projects – Based upon an hourly rate.
JOC Program Management Services – Managed JOC Solutions management fees are based on the cost of construction (The Job Order Price).
Warranty/Guarantee – Four BT warrants our services to meet or exceed professional standards for client engagement.



Job Order Contract Cooperative ContractJob order contract coop agreement



job order contracting

Dear Public Agency,
Four BT, LLC (4BT) was awarded (August 2016) an ESC19 Allied States Contract for Consulting, Contracted, and Staff Development & Related Services.   We are excited to be awarded the opportunity to provide  services for ESC19 Allied States and its member agencies.
ESC19 Allied States Cooperative Public Agencies can take advantage of 4BT’s knowledgeable staff and wide range of Facility Management & Job Order Contracting services.   Members now have access to a  level of expertise that  sets the industry standard for value, objectivity, and professionalism.
As a Facility Solutions vendor, 4BT brings comfort to ESC19’s facility owner members and contractors by providing JOC estimating training and education services, JOC Facility Solutions, third party independent JOC estimating auditing services, budget collaboration reviews, and  independent government estimating (IGE) with compliance & transparency that allows for an open partnership.
Four BT is a small business limited liability company.  The principles are President Mark Powell, Vice President Peter Cholakis, and Gene Spencer, Director of Cost Engineering.   We also have access to a network of experienced JOC estimators and project manager that are under labor located in various areas of our country.  We are also a Veteran Owned Business.
Both Mr. Powell and Mr. Cholakis have served as board members of the Center for Job Order Contract Excellence, and Mr. Powell has previously provided training services for the Alliance for Construction Excellence.  In fact, Mr. Powell has been working in the JOC/Cooperative since 2003 and teaches which includes modules about the Procurement Rule current legislation regarding JOC, and all aspects of JOC set-up and implementation. Mr. Spencer has conducted nationwide cost estimating training classes as a former R.S. Means Company, LLC Senior Engineer.  Mr. Spencer is a noted authority in construction cost estimating.
Four BT delivers best-in-class JOC and Facility Asset Management Services.   We are fully experienced the RS Means Unit Price Books, as well as other construction cost data, including our own unit price cost data.
Four BT is a perfect fit for ESC19 Allied States and it Member Agencies;
  • We have  already managed over 4.5 billion dollars through preconstruction services, construction management, construction estimating, project management, facilities & JOC program management, JOC estimating, JOC software, JOC Unit Price Books, and JOC auditing services throughout these United States.
  • Our main office is located in Dallas
  • We understand that educating and being educated by our clients leads to long lasting relationships.
  • We pride ourselves on the expertise of every staff member and what they bring to our team with their knowledge base and solid ethics.
  • Our goal is to build a long term partnership and grow mutual trust between ESC19 Allied States Cooperative, its Members Agencies and Four BT.   Our partnering approach allows all parties to make adjustments and to provide improvements.
  • Our team brings the experience of the following organizations, as we have proven successful individual track records with the RS Means Company, LLC, 4Clicks Solutions, LLC, The JOC Group,  The Center for Job Order Contracting Excellence, and VFA, Inc.
We are confident that we can support a mutually beneficial relationship with ESC19  Allied States and its Member Agencies, and look forward to the opportunity.
Thank you
Mark Powell, President
Four BT, LLC
5430 Lyndon B Johnson FWY, Suite 1200, Dallas, TX, 75240
Email:  info@4BT.US
Phone: 972.663.9476



Master-Service-Interlocal-Contract.pdf – Interlocal Agreement Inter-Local Agreement (Texas Only) and  Master Inter-Local Service Agreement (All other States Other than Texas) are by  public schools, charter schools, private schools, community colleges, universities, cities, counties, other governmental agencies, and non-profit entities that would like to do business with Four BT, LLC and have not yet become a member of ESC 19 Allied States Cooperative.

RFP TITLE: Consulting, Contracting, Staff Development & Related- Education Service Center Region 19 Allied States Cooperative
RFP NUMBER: 16-7200
RFP OPENING DATE: July 14, 2016
CONTRACT TERM: Date of award until July 31, 2017 the option to extend in one year increments annually for an additional four (4) years if agreed to by ASC and Vendor
ADVERTISEMENT DATES: El Paso Times – May 26th & June 2nd, 2016
Washington Post- May 27th & June 3rd, 2016

Four BT, LLC
Attn: Mark Powell or Peter Cholakis
5430 Lyndon B Johnson FWY, Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75240
www.4BT.US / info@4BT.US / pcholakis@4BT.US
Services- Staff Development, Job Order Contracting Program Set Up & Support, Job Program Audit, JOC Facility Solutions that include JOC Estimating Services, Independent Government Estimating (IGE), 3rd Party Independent Estimating Auditing Services, Budget Collaboration Reviews, and Training for JOC and JOC Estimating Software for contract compliance and transparency.
Rating- 9.5 out of possible 10 points
States Served- All 50 States