JOC Consulting

4BT provides a full range of JOC Consulting services, tailored to meet your needs.    JOC consulting services are available to real proper owners and construction contractors.


Contractor Selection

Formal JOC Estimate Compliance Review Per Audit (FCR)

Informal JOC Estimate Compliance Review Per Audit (ICR)

JOC Program Implementation Support

Program Audits

Project Estimating

Request for Information – Creation and/or Review

Request for Proposal – Creations and/or Review

Program Marketing




The OpenJOC approach drives maximum productivity by leveraging proven LEAN construction delivery processes.

  1. Process – A written Job Order Contract Operations Manual / JOC Execution Guide plays a central role by fully documenting roles, responsibilities, business practices, means, methods, and outcomes.
  2. Information – A shared common data environment, CDE, assures a mutual understanding of all project requirements. Industry standards terms and definitions, in plain English, and a standardized, detailed listing of locally researched construction tasks inclusive of labor, material, and equipment costs (organized using CSI MasterFormat).
  3. Uses – On-demand renovation, repair, maintenance, sustainability projects and minor new construction are supported within the OpenJOC environment.
  4. People – Real property owners and/or facilities management provide leadership, without excessive management and control. All participants contribute to project success within and atmosphere of collaboration, mutual respect, and shared risk/reward.
  5. Technology – The role of technology is one of enablement. Cloud technology provides a secure method for all participants to create, view, and share current actionable information.   Communications, tasks, and documents are all maintained in a common digital environment.
  6. Assessment & Training – Key performance indicators, KPIs, and regular audits, as well as required ongoing training, assure proper JOC Program implementation, management, and continuous improvement.