JOC Certification Program

On-line Education & Job Order Contract Certification Program (Services on this page provided by 4BT Consulting)


LEVEL                  FORMAT                                                COURSE DESCRIPTION                                                     DESIGNED FOR

Level 1 Bronze     Study Guide and On-Line Test     An Introduction to Job Order Contracting                          Owners, Contractors   $200

Level 2 Silver       Study Guide and On-line Test      How to Set Up & Market a JOC                                                  Owners                              $250

Level 2 Silver       Study Guide and On-line Test      How to Enter the JOC Market, Bidding Fundamentals   Contractors                     $250

Level 3 – Gold     Study Guide and On-line Test      How to Administer a JOC                                                             Owners                             $500

Level 3 – Gold      Study Guide and On-line Test     Bidding, Winning, and Administering a JOC                        Contractors                    $500

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Advancing the use of LEAN practices in construction through development of consistent nomenclature and practices, including collaborative construction delivery methods such as JOB ORDER CONTRACTING.

Steps toward defining a common standard of knowledge and achieving better outcomes (productivity, quality, satisfaction).

best value job order contracting

  • Define the difference between traditional construction delivery and LEAN collaborative delivery methods
  • Build and support team environments and problem solving
  • Create trust and sharing risk
  • Identify the  root causes of problems
  • Focus upon outcomes
  • Reduce variation
  • Integrate global and local strategies
  • Best value versus traditional procurement methods
  • Identify and leverage tools that support LEAN construction processes
  • Ongoing monitoring and use of key performance metrics (KPIs) versus excessive management and control
  • Clear, written program/project execution/operations manuals
  • Standardized support/workflow documentation
  • Knowledgeable owner
  • Collaborative Contractor, Architect, Engineer
  • Life-cycle cost focus versus first cost
  • Timely, reliable, and standardized information
  • Payment/contractor viability.
  • Fully detailed and written schedule and deliverables
  • Selection Process Overview
  • History of JOC
  • Why use JOC?
  • Overall JOC Program and the Individual Job Order
  • Selecting the JOC Contractor (RFQ/RFP)
  • Project Delivery Methods Comparisons
  • Owner Implementation Process – Contracts, Operating Manual and Sample Selection Process
  • Estimating
  • Case Studies/Lessons Learned