Job Order Contracting

Productivity, quality, and overall satisfaction for renovation, repair, maintenance, sustainability, or new construction projects are determined and managed by the CONSTRUCTION DELIVERY METHOD.

job order contracting

Job Order Contracting and other LEAN CONSTRUCTION DELIVERY METHODS  have been available for decades, but are only practiced by small percentage of Real Property Owners and their respective service providers.   Lack of awareness and education is the limiting factor as the benefits of LEAN construction have been proven.  LEAN process implementation results in 90%+ of renovation, repair, and new construction projects to be completed on-time and on-budget… and all project participants and building users achieve higher levels of overall satisfaction.

Higher LEAN practice adoption levels among Owners, Contractors, Engineers, Architects, and Oversight Groups and  improving TEAM COMPETENCIES is the path toward enhanced productivity.
Until there is basic minimum level of competency and  defined standards of excellence, waste, and other negative economic and environmental issues attributed to construction will continue.
The most widely used LEAN construction delivery methods are JOB ORDER CONTRACTING, JOC and INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY, IPD.
 Job Order Contracting and IPD share several characteristics…
  • Shared risk/reward
  • Contract-based Operations / Execution Manuals – Documented work flows, data formats, and technologies.
  • Ongoing training incorporating systems to maintain standards of proficiency and performance
  • Require levels of cooperation among internal and external project participants with common or related purposes
  • Shared opportunity for participants to collectively discuss and comment on subjects of common interests
  • Common terms and definitions
 Job Order Contracting delivers over 90% of project on-time, on-budget, and to the satisfaction of all participants and stakeholders if the JOC Program is designed, deployed, and managed properly.

“It is responsibility of real property owners to provide leadership, knowledge, support, and to assure the type and levels of planning, capability, tools, information, and processes exist to improve construction outcomes.”

Job Order Contracting creates “win-win” relationships among owners, building users, contractors, and other stakeholders.
90-Day Job Order Contract Implementation Guide – Contact us to receive the 6-page Introductory Guide.

The 4BT OpenJOCTM Collaborative Approach

Four BT, LLC (4BT) brings greater efficiency and transparency to the numerous renovation, repair, and minor new construction projects encountered by public sector real property portfolio owners.

Our integrated approach incorporating LEAN processes, locally researched actionable construction cost data, technology, and training, better supports owners, contractors, subcontractors, and oversight groups.

Properly designed, implemented, and managed Job Order Contracts can assure that over 90% of tasks are completed on-time, on-budget, and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.