JOC Definition

A Job Order Contract (JOC) is a competitively bid, fixed price,  multi-year construction contract based on pre-established unit prices via a construction unit price book/catalog with a multiplier or coefficient applied to the unit prices.  Most established unit price books have a local city cost index.  The contract is an IDIQ or indefinite quantity contract for on-call construction services.
Job order contracting (JOC) is a way for organizations to get numerous, commonly encountered construction projects done quickly and easily through multi-year contracts. JOC reduces unnecessary levels of engineering, design, and contract procurement time along with construction project procurement costs by awarding long-term contracts for a wide variety of renovation, repair and construction projects.  JOC is most commonly used to clear deferred maintenance backlog, perform rapid response project needs, and construct minor renovation projects.

job order contracting basics

With an emphasis on partnering and team work between owners and contractors, JOC provides the methodology and ability to execute a wide variety of indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity, fixed-price, multiple simultaneous orders for renovation, rehabilitation and repair work for large facilities and infrastructures.
  1. Shorter Project Delivery Times
  2. Faster Project Starts
  3. Higher Quality
  4. Long Term Relationships
  5. More Efficient Use of Construction Funding
 JOC work can begin in weeks versus months or years than traditional contracting methods.  Since the contractor is already under contract and on-call, you avoid the traditional procurement time.  Studies have shown that the average procurement time for projects using the traditional system was as much 82% longer.  In addition to rapid deployment and shorter project duration, accurate and transparent expenditure documentation assure accountability.  Work quality is also enhanced since each contract is performance driven.

job order contracting process

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