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Introduction to Job Order Contracting

  • Simplify JOC management activities


  • Maintain Job Order RFPs, Job Orders, Estimates, Reviews, and Documents… all in one place


  • Comply with JOC best practices and audit requirements


  • Assure you are always using the right coefficient and unit price book (UPB)


  • Always use the most current information
March 9, 2017

JOC Unit Price Line Item Cost Estimating – Intro

An introduction to JOC line item cost estimating include an overview of all levels of estimating and of the processes involved in creating, reviewing, editing, updating, and approving JOC detailed line item estimates.   Attendees will be guided through exercises and also complete their own estimates.

August 2, 2016

Introduction to Job Order Contracting

This course provides an overview of strategic and tactical considerations for the planning, development, bidding, awarding,

execution, and monitoring of a Job Order Contract.


Information is provided for each of the following major areas:


  • Definition and history of Job Order Contracting 
  • Key characteristics
  • Comparison to traditional construction delivery methods
  • Roles, responsibilities, and requisite capabilities for JOC participants.
  • Principle considerations before making a decision to implement a Job Order Contract.
  • Advertising, bidding, and awarding a JOC


  • Technical professional's role - Facility management / Engineering
  • Contract administration
  • Program/project management functions.
  • Task order proposal requests, negotiations, issuance, administration, and inspection. 
JOC Best Management Practice Areas
Defining Characteristics of a JOC Program
Experience, Capability, and Technology Requirements
Roles – Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors, Oversight Groups, COOPs, Service Providers
Performance Metrics
Lessons Learned
ASU 2015 National JOC Research Study
April 15, 2016