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We believe Job Order Contracting should benefit everyone involved –  Real Property Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors,  Cooperatives, Building Users, and Oversight Groups.
Our products and services support all aspects of JOC Programs from initial  development through ongoing management .
Our focus is upon providing BEST VALUE solutions that improve productivity, quality, and overall satisfaction for all stakeholders.
These beliefs are the foundation of OpenJOC Job Order Contracting. Please review our “Six Reasons to Use the OpenJOC Approach“.
Speed… Accuracy… Repeatability… Flexibility… Actionable Insight!

JOC Team

Our JOC Team

job order contracting professionals

Mark Powell – President 

Mark’s experience includes over twenty years of supporting Job Order Contracts (JOC).  He has extensive knowledge of the most widely used unit price books (UPB’s) and associated JOC estimating and project management software.

Mark Powell served in the United States Navy aboard the USS Enterprise and then started his construction career as a carpenter.  By the mid 1980’s he became a California Licensed Contractor focusing upon Cost Engineering, Project Management, and Unit Price Book estimating.

Mark also was part of the design team providing progress design estimates to keep design costs in check for the MGM/Mirage Design Group in Las Vegas, NV.

Mark’s expertise also includes the use of a variety of computer software applications for estimating, scheduling, project management, accounting and administration.  

Memberships and Certifications

  • LEED Accredited Professional

  • United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

  • Alliance for Construction Excellence (ACE)

  • Center for Job Order Contractor Excellence (CJE) (Board Member Emeritus)

  • The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)

  • The Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE)

A skilled educator, Mark teaches JOC Estimating, JOC Coefficient Development, and JOC Project Management for the Alliance for Construction Excellence (ACE) & Arizona State University (ASU) Job Order Certificate Program along with various workshops.  In addition, Mark provides JOC estimating and coefficient development training throughout the United States for various companies and government agencies.

job order contracting professional

Peter Cholakis – Senior Vice President 

Peter Cholakis is a seminal thinker on TCO (total cost of ownership) for the construction and facilities management sectors.   He has worked with and supported the efforts of CJE, FFC, APPA, NASFA, NIBS, and IFMA.  

Peter formerly led the marketing, sales, and product development efforts of 4Clicks Solutions, LLC, the leading provider of Job Order Contracting and IDIQ cost estimating and project management software.

Peter also served as Senior Consultant for RS Means Company, LLC, and in addition brought the concept of Capital Planning and Management Solutions – CPMS to market as a founding member of VFA, Inc.’s management team.  

Peter has helped hundreds of large real property owners, contractors, and AEs to develop and deploy facility management and LEAN construction best management practices.

Peter has served as a Board Member for the Center for Job Order Contracting Excellence (CJE) and the National Institute of Science (NIBS) Facilities Management and Operations committee.   

  • Center for Job Order Contracting Excellence (CJE) – Former Board Member
  • National BIM Standard (NBIMS) 3.0 Planning Committee

  • Chairman of the National Institute of Sciences (NIBS) National BIM Standard (NBIMS) Terminology Committee

  • National Institute of Sciences – Facility Maintenance and Operations Committee

Gene Spencer –  Vice President Cost Engineering 

Gene Spencer is an industry authority on construction cost estimating.  Gene’s background includes over a decade of experience a an R.S. Means Company, LLC Senior Engineer, and several additional decades as a cost estimator, project manager, and facilities manager for Turner Construction, the United States Navy,  and other large organizations.   Gene is also recognized as a nationwide speaker and educator.  Gene has led a series of nationwide mechanical, electrical, site & heavy construction and facilities estimating seminars for the R.S. Means Company, LLC.   His additional duties included creating new data for specific clients, and evaluating costs incurred due to changes in scope of work.

Ben Stack –  Director of Data Integration

Ben brings over two decades of cost engineering and project management experience to 4BT, including the creation of over 100 unit price books.   He has been involved with JOC Unit Price Book development and support since 1996 on an ongoing basis.   Over this time period, Ben has continued to enhance and grow one of the most extensive and highest quality unit price cost databases available.   Ben’s background includes U.S. Cost, LLC, supporting Job Order Contracting Cost Data,  parametric cost modeling for the United States Department of State, Overseas Building Operations, standardizing construction cost estimating and information sharing for the Federal Aviation Administration,  and Building Information Management (BIM) integration for commercial and government organizations.  Ben holds a secret clearance for the Defense Security Agency, and prior clearances for other federal agencies.


Our Goals…

Deliver the best possible tools and services to support Job Order Contracts,

Promote a better understanding of how the built environment influences human behavior, health and organizational productivity,

Build awareness of the strategic and operational value of LEAN, collaborative facilities management practices with respect to meeting emerging environmental and economic challenges,

Forge closer links and collaboration between the financial, technical, sociological and operational aspects of facilities management through an integrated resource management and service delivery approach,

Disseminate information about proven business process, tools, and research specific to best management practices (BMPs),

Support forum for the exchange of know-how, education, and research that addresses physical and functional aspects of the built environment.

4BT develops and maintains JOC unit price books containing costing data for individual construction tasks for a wide range of general construction, maintenance, repair, and construction of facilities, roads, parking lots, and other construction-related components typically encountered by real property owners.

Job Order Contracting Services & Tools

We also provide professional training and support to owners and awarded JOC contractors for our web based JOC cost estimating, project, and information management software system.  Additional service offerings are also available.

4BT  can support any Job Order Contract design and implementation with an open, transparent, and efficient solution based upon industry best practices.   Our tools and services support project identification, detailed scope of work development, price proposal review, and construction management support.

4BT is  a veteran-owned small business limited liability company.  Our team include JOC Professionals, Program Managers, and Cost Estimators with decades of experience working in senior roles for The R.S. Means Company, LLC, U.S. Cost, LLC, 4Clicks Solutions, LLC, The JOC Group, and VFA, Inc.   The pedigree of products and services of our offerings date back to the early JOC contracts deployed by the U.S. Army deployed in the United States, as well as the first web-based facilities capital planning and management systems developed and deployed for major real property owners.

We have been involved in managing supporting well over 4.5 billion dollars of construction procurement and delivery inclusive of pre-construction services, construction management, construction estimating, project management, facilities & JOC program management, JOC estimating, JOC software, JOC Unit Price Books, and JOC auditing services throughout the United States.